N-Dimensional Arrays

ND4J and ND4S are scientific computing libraries for the JVM. They are meant to be used in production environments, which means routines are designed to run fast with minimum RAM requirements.“


„MyBatis is a first class persistence framework with support for custom SQL, stored procedures and advanced mappings. MyBatis eliminates almost all of the JDBC code and manual setting of parameters and retrieval of results.“

package org.mybatis.example;
public interface BlogMapper {
  @Select("SELECT * FROM blog WHERE id = #{id}")
  Blog selectBlog(int id);

Getting started
Spring Boot: Working With MyBatis

Spring Tool Suite (STS)

– Download spring-tool-suite-3.9.0.RELEASE-e4.7.0-win32-x86_64.zip und entpacken nach C:\Spring
C:\Spring\spring-tool-suite-3.9.0.RELEASE-e4.7.0-win32-x86_64\sts-3.9.0.RELEASE\STS.exe starten
– Workspace C:\Spring\workspace-sts-3.9.0.RELEASE anlegen
File/New/Spring Starter Project

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Spring-Boot-Webanwendung mit MVC und Thymeleaf
Securing a Web Application

JAX-RS vs. Spring for REST Endpoints

Request Mapping Basics

Guide to Spring Boot REST API Error Handling
Common application properties